Sally Waterman

Visualising the Home conference, University of Cumbria (13th-14th July 2017)

I will be presenting a paper entitled 'PastPresent: Re-Photographic Representations of the Family Home Through Literary Adaptation' based on my PhD 'Waste Land' project at this forthcoming conference. This event aims to explore the meaning of ‘home’ through photographic representation, reflecting upon these personal and private spaces in relation to familial memory, versus the public and political implications of cultural belonging and ownership. The conference organisers, Dr. Sarah Bonner and Dr. Katrin Joost have selected a programme that considers a range of related topics, including notions of place and habitat, refugees and migration, loss and inheritance and memory and nostalgia. Fellow co-ordinators from the Family Ties Network research group, Jacqueline Butler and Rosy Martin will also be presenting their work.

Family Ties Network featured in Exposure journal, Spring 2017 issue


The Family Ties Network is profiled in the latest issue of the 'Exposure' journal, published by Society for Photographic Education in the USA. I have been part of this research group since its formation after the 'Recollection and Representation' conference I organised at Senate House, University of London in 2012. This article features my 'Letters Home' project along with recent work by fellow co-ordinators Suze Adams, Nicky Bird, Jacqueline Butler, Lizzie Thynne and Rosy Martin.

'Global Photographies: Memory, History, Archives' (Autumn 2017)


I will have a chapter in 'Global Photographies', entitled, 'Re-imagining the Family Album through Literary Adaptation', which includes an analysis of the 'PastPresent' (2005) photographs and the 'Fortune-telling/Re-telling' (2007) and 'The Deep Sea Swell' (2009) videos from the 'Waste Land' project.

This forthcoming edition by Transcript, edited by Sissy Helff and Stefanie Michels is a first collection to trace the relationship between history, photography and memory in a global perspective on three interrelated levels: firstly, in the artistic and cultural production of pictures, secondly, in the decoding of colonial and contemporary photography, and thirdly, in collecting photographs in picture archives dealing with colonial and anthropological photography. The contributions sketch the contested field of (post-)colonial photography and trace the manifold intertwinements between historical and contemporary photographs.

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